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Introducing the Arrma Wheelie Bar Kit 4mm - the perfect addition to your DRAG RC car for achieving epic 132' times. Made with durable 3mm carbon fiber, this wheelie bar kit is built to withstand the toughest of terrains. The 18" carbon wheelie bar and 16" titanium torsion rod provide stability and control during high-speed runs. The rear shock tower with tab ensures easy installation and a secure fit, while the new BMRC wheel and bracket offer smooth and reliable performance. Take your RC car to the next level with the Arrma Wheelie Bar Kit 3mm, available now at our hobby store.


Included in kit:


1-22" carbon bar

1-20" titanium torsion rod

1- Rear Shock Tower with tab

1- BMRC Wheel Assembly

Arrma Wheelie Bar Kit 4mm 22"

Excluding Sales Tax

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