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Arrma V2 shown in ILLUSION pattern, by far the strongest coolest carbon we offer.

A 12k tri-axial weave carbon fiber refers to a specific type of carbon fiber material used in manufacturing.

"12k" denotes the number of carbon filaments bundled together in a single tow, which in this case is 12,000 filaments. As a reference the most common carbon used on the market is 3k. The higher the number, the thicker the tow and potentially the greater the strength and stiffness.

"Tri-axial weave" means the carbon fibers are woven in three different directions: lengthwise (0 degrees), across the width (90 degrees), and diagonally (±45 degrees). This weaving pattern enhances the material's strength and allows for better distribution of forces in multiple directions, making it well-suited for applications requiring high performance and structural integrity, such as aerospace, automotive, or RC chassis and wheelie bars.

TLDR: this carbon is hella strong


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